Who are we

Solidarity Helping Hand has a network of charity stores. The stores’ names are “Ons Winkel” meaning “Our Shop”.

Ons Winkel are several stores located across the country where communities can donate and buy second-hand goods.

With the donations that we receive, we reach out responsibly to those in need within a specific community. We can ensure donors that all donations are distributed in the right way and the excess items are sold to raise money for some of our other projects.

Why do we sell the donations? Easy, because your large size sweater will not fit a 7-year-old child and neither will it provide food on his plate, but the money we raise from selling your sweater will give him food.

We must ensure that donations made with good intentions are not utilized wrongly. The reason for the establishment of Ons Winkels are not only to provide those in need with clothes but also to provide food, education, sanitary products, a safe port, social assistance, counselling and human dignity.

A portion of the profit gained from the sales is distributed to several study funds which enable students, who otherwise would not have had the opportunity, to study. Not only do we contribute to study funds, but we also create jobs for the employees working in the stores. We currently have more than 63 stores nationwide where you can make your precious donations. By donating you will make a difference in someone’s life and create hope for a better tomorrow